Letter from director of athletics

Dear friends of Marquette Athletics,

When we reflect on the greatest victories in our esteemed Marquette history, a common theme emerges. No matter the size of the challenge or the weight of the obstacle, we have persevered by coming together. In the face of extreme adversity, time and time again we have strengthened our bond by standing as one. United.

For the past eight months, we have faced a relentless, invisible opponent. COVID-19 is impacting our operations and our student-athletes in unimaginable ways. We have been proactive in our response to the financial hardships brought on by the pandemic through department-wide budget changes, decreased discretionary spending, staff furloughs and leadership salary reductions. While these mitigation efforts continue, Marquette Athletics is still faced with significant financial challenges that are now more pronounced due to our inability to offer basketball season tickets in 2020-21.

We are proud of the strong financial foundation we have built over decades, but our reality is that it has never been more important to Unite. Your unwavering support and commitment will Be the Difference.

Across generations, so many of you have woven the tradition of Marquette Athletics into your daily lives. Day-in and day-out, often when nobody is watching, our student-athletes have inspired us by persisting with resiliency and courage.

Today, we invite you to inspire them. Marquette Athletics is proud to launch our Blue & Gold United fundraising initiative. Please unite with us in our goal to raise $7 million to preserve student-athlete scholarship opportunities this year and beyond.

More than 350 student-athletes within 16 programs are on campus, striving for excellence because of you. Let’s lift them up, secure their future and show them how the spirit of Marquette transforms lives. Please know how grateful we are for your support of our student-athletes.

We are Marquette. We are Blue & Gold United.


Bill Scholl Sign

Bill Scholl

Vice President & Director of Athletics