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2022-23 Marquette Select Talking Points

Why we do Marquette Select?

Marquette Select gives season ticket members the opportunity to improve seating based on the amount of priority points accumulated through donations and consecutive years of being a season ticket member. The priority point system is intended to promote fairness, reward loyalty of long-time supporters and encourage current contributors to give to Marquette. It will be conducted every two years so that donors to the Blue & Gold Fund and other university funds may have the best possible seating options. You’ll be able to change seats or upgrade every other year. Many season ticket members look at the Marquette Select period as the best opportunity to improve their seat location by increasing their annual donation to the Blue & Gold Fund.

What is the best way to stay updated on all the news and information regarding the Marquette Select process?

To receive updates on the process please make sure to check your email associated with your account regularly.

What are the prices going to be for the 2022-23 season?

Season ticket prices for the 2022-23 season can be viewed here.

When does Marquette Select begin?

Marquette Select will take place in early August. Make sure to check your email for more details.

Can I secure the same seat(s) as I have had previously?

For the 2022-23 men’s basketball season, we will NOT be reseating the entire arena.

Everyone will still have the chance to adjust their seats if they wish to do so. You will be able change seat locations, add seats, or elect to keep your same seats.

Season ticket members will have two options to renew their season tickets for this year

How can I improve my seat location?

The best way to improve your seat location at Marquette Men’s Basketball games is to improve your ranking in the Blue and Gold Fund Priority Points program through donations and season ticket purchases.

What if I don’t like my seat location or pricing?

Season ticket members and donors will have the opportunity to review pricing and available seat locations as part of Marquette Select. To improve future seating locations please contact the Blue and Gold Fund office at 414.288.6550.

Is there a limit to how many tickets I can purchase?

The limit of tickets that can be purchased per account is based on the giving level. See the Blue & Gold Fund Benefits Chart for details. Regardless of giving level, all accounts are eligible to purchase up to four (4) season tickets. If a season ticket member would like more than four (4) seats, the account’s priority points will be reduced to the following: 5 seats – 80% of your point total; 6 seats – 70% of your point total; 7 seats – 60% of your point total; 8 seats – 50 % of your point total; 9 seats – 40% of your point total; 10+ seats – etc. during the Marquette Select seat selection process.

Will there be a seat-selection website?

Marquette Athletics plans to utilize a similar website to what has been used in the past with the annual reseating process by logging in through their My Marquette Account.

Can existing season ticket members transfer their seats for the 2022-23 season?

Points and season ticket accounts may not be transferred from one person to another or from one account to another. Also, the transfer of points or tickets by virtue of a will, trust or other estate-planning document is not allowed. In the event of the death of a season ticket member, the surviving spouse retains the season ticket account. If both spouses are deceased the ticket account is not renewable for the subsequent reseating. For this reason, only transfers to designated spouses are permitted. Please call the Blue and Gold Fund office at 414.288.6525 if you have questions.

Will my annual fund priority seating scholarship contribution be tax deductible?

All donations that are associated with priority seating CAN NOT be claimed as tax deductible due to federal law.

If you have any questions about donations that are associated contact the Blue & Gold Fund at blueandgoldfund@marquette.edu or (414) 288-6525.

Will contributions to Marquette Athletics that are not associated with priority seating be tax deductible?

All donations not tied to seating will continue to default to your priority points. This includes donations for endowments, facility projects and sport-specific giving. Marquette University Advancement will issue you a receipt for your donation.

If you would like to decline priority points to receive tax-deductible gift credit for your donations, please contact the Blue & Gold Fund at (414) 288-3988.

How will donors purchase season parking for Men’s Basketball?

General parking information is still to be determined. Parking for the 2022-23 season is available as a donor benefit. Please visit the donor benefit guide to learn more about current parking options.

Will I be able to run my priority seating contributions through my business and deduct it as a business expense?

Generally, donations tied to seat location are no longer tax deductible. We advise you to consult with your tax advisor.

How can I get parking for the 2022-23 season?

We are currently working through those details and will have more information as we draw near the Fall.

Will season tickets be all digital this season? Will I receive a ticket book with my tickets?

We will be continuing with digital ticketing which is becoming more prevalent around the country. We will not be printing season ticket books as well. If you are in need of paper tickets there will be a small charge for those printed in the office prior to the game.

2022-23 Marquette Select Timeline

Marquette Select Important Dates

JUNE 30, 2022

Donation deadline to increase priority points for Marquette Select

JULY 1, 2022

Season ticket member invoices emailed for the 2022-23 men’s basketball season

Information is also available through your My Marquette Account

Start of Marquette Fiscal Year resets annual donor benefits for the 2022-23 men’s basketball season– Donation payment plans available for annual donor benefits– Please contact a Blue & Gold Fund Representative at 414-288-3988 to make a contribution


Season ticket members receive their Marquette Select times

JULY 29, 2022

Season ticket invoices due in full or election into the payment plan


Marquette Select will occur between August 1 – August 10. Opportunity to upgrade/add seats or select seats if you placed a deposit.

AUGUST 29, 2022

Second installment of the 4-month payment plan takes place August 29

SEPTEMBER 29, 2022

Third installment of 4-month payment plan

OCTOBER 29, 2022

Fourth installment of 4-month payment plan


November 7 – First regular season game

2022-23 Hospitality & Parking Information:

Scholarship contributions attached to season ticket purchases count toward hospitality area access. Please see our new benefits chart that outlines other benefits associated with annual contributions.

Jockey Club

  • The Jockey Club is an exclusive benefit for those who support Marquette University at $4,000 and above annually.
  • Situated on the east side of the arena, this club is easily accessible from the north or south side of the court and overlooks the atrium out into the plaza.
  • This club will open 60 minutes prior to each game, and those who qualify have the opportunity to enter the arena through the privileged BMO entrance on the northeast side.
  • The Jockey Club has exclusive access directly from the atrium and will offer multiple premium dining and bar areas situated amongst an upscale lounge atmosphere.

Marquette Room (BMO Club)

  • The Marquette Room is an exclusive benefit for those who support Marquette Athletics at $12,000 annually and above or through an Endowed Athletics Scholarship.
  • This space will open 60 minutes prior to each game, and those who qualify have the opportunity to enter the arena through the privileged BMO entrance on the northeast side.
  • The Marquette Room offers unprecedented access and views both on and off the court, located just steps from the court and Marquette locker room at the base of the coaches and player tunnel.
  • The Marquette Room offers multiple complimentary dining options in addition to two bars, private restrooms, and a coat check and is easily accessible at the event level of the arena.


Limited reserved parking is an exclusive benefit for those who support Marquette Athletics at $4,000 and above annually.

To increase your annual giving to Marquette Athletics or inquire about current giving, contact the Blue & Gold Fund office at (414) 288-3988

The Arena

Fiserv Forum is the home of Marquette Men's Basketball. Marquette is one of two teams in the BIG EAST Conference to play all of its home games in a National Basketball Association Arena.

The arena seats over 17,000 and the Golden Eagles have ranked among the top 25 teams nationally in average attendance in each of the past ten seasons.

The arena is also home to the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks.