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Current Season Ticket Members don’t need to sign up for the waitlist,
as they will receive first priority on new seat selection for the 2018-19 season

Reseating process

Phase 1 – Current 2017-18 Sideline Courtside Season Ticket Members

  • Deadline to increase priority points for reseating is March 31
  • Reseating priority window will start April 1 and conclude April 30

Phase 2 – Current 2017-18 Preferred Seat Season Ticket Members

  • Deadline to increase priority points for reseating is April 30
  • Reseating priority window will start May 1 and conclude June 30

Phase 3 – Current 2017-18 Season Ticket Members

  • Deadline to increase priority points for reseating is May 31
  • Reseating priority window will begin early July 2018

Phase 4 – New Marquette Season Ticket Members

  • Join the waitlist by clicking HERE
  • Reseating priority window for waitlist will begin late July 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to stay updated on all the news and information regarding the transition to the Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center (WESC)?

To receive updates on the transition from the BMO Harris Bradley Center to the WESC including premium and general seating options, amenities, pricing, selection process, and on-sale dates please visit MUBBGameday.com regularly or register to become a MUBB Insider HERE. Blue and Gold Fund donors and Season Ticket Members do need to register, as they will be the first to receive transition updates.

What will the new seating capacity be at WESC?

Official capacity for the new arena is expected to be 17,682

What are the prices going to be for the 2018-19 season?

With pricing for the 2018-19 season finalized, all 2017-18 season ticket members received an email from Marquette Athletics on May 10th communicating the price breakdowns for each section of the new arena. Check MUBBGameday.com periodically for further updates.

How was pricing determined for the 2018-19 season in the WESC?

In preparation for our move into the new state-of-the art facility beginning next season, we conducted detailed market research to establish appropriate ticket pricing for the 2018-19 season. Our research included surveys of our season ticket members and donors, market data and benchmark data from peer institutions. All of the work was spearheaded by Legends Sports Marketing. Our goals for the process were to create an equitable pricing model that appropriately values the most desired seat locations, while creating multiple price points and positioning Marquette Athletics for success going forward.

When does the WESC reseating process begin?

The reseating process has already begun with phase 1 and phase 2. We anticipate reseating season ticket members over the next 2-3 months. As in the past, priority points will be used to prioritize seat selection for men’s basketball season ticket members. For the most up to date information on the reseating process please visit the Reseating Process on the this website. To access your current priority point level go your My Marquette Account.

When will I know as a current (2017-18) season ticket member when I can select seats in the new arena?

Please visit the Reseating Process in this website.

Can I secure the same seat(s) as I have had previously?

Due to the relocation process, seat locations will not be exactly the same as the BMO Harris Bradley Center, due to the difference in configuration of the WESC. As part of the reseating process, Marquette Athletics will engage with current 2017-18 season ticket members in the appropriate sequence based on his/her current seat location at the BMO Harris Bradley Center and priority point level to discuss his/her preferences and available seating options. Rest assured that you will have first priority prior to our waitlist over the general public to select seats.

How will priority be determined?

To see how priority will be determined please visit the Reseating Process in this website.

What sort of premium seating options will be available as a result of the transition to the WESC?

A number of premium (previously preferred) seating options will be available in the new arena as a part of the transition. Detailed information on the types of amenities for each premium seating option will be provided in the near future. To ensure you stay informed about the project, including premium seating, please register to become a MUBB Insider HERE or visit this website

Will new premium ADA seating options?

Yes, accessible seating options will be available in all seating levels.

When will I be able to request / order new or upgraded seats?

The seating plan has been finalized and pricing has been determined. Current men’s basketball season ticket members have been notified regarding the timeline, seating options and details of the reseating process. Additional information and FAQs about the reseating process will also be added to this website.

How can I improve my seat location?

The best way to improve your seat location at Marquette Men’s Basketball games is to improve your ranking in the Blue and Gold Fund Priority Points program through donations and season ticket purchases. To make a gift today click HERE.

How can I increase my priority points?

To view the multiple ways in which you can increase priority points, please see the Reseating Process tab in this website or click HERE. You can also contact the Blue and Gold Fund office by calling 414.288.6550

What if I don’t like my seat location or pricing?

Season ticket members and donors will have the opportunity to review pricing and available seat locations as part of the reseating process. In year one (2018-19), we will reseat the new arena using the same processes that we’ve used in the past. Prior to year two, 2019-20, we will reseat based on priority points, giving season ticket members the opportunity to choose from the best available seats. To improve future seating locations please contact the Blue and Gold Fund office at 414.288.6550.

Is there a limit to how many tickets I can purchase in the WESC

Each season ticket member is eligible to purchase up to four (4) seats at their priority level. If a season ticket member registers for more than four (4) seats, the account’s priority points will be reduced to the following: 5 seats – 80% of your point total; 6 seats – 70% of your point total; 7 seats – 60% of your point total; 8 seats – 50 % of your point total; 9 seats – 40% of your point total; 10+ seats – etc.

Will there be a seat-selection website for the WESC?

Marquette Athletics plans to utilize a similar 3D website to what has been used in the past with the annual reseating process.

I am a Blue and Gold Fund/University donor, but I am not a Season Ticket Member. What should I do?

Donors will have priority to purchase 2018-19 Season Tickets. For more details or to have a Marquette representative contact you please click HERE.

I’m interested in donating and earning priority points. What is the best way to do this?

Marquette Athletics appreciates your support! Please contact the Blue and Gold Fund at 414-288-6550 or click HERE to make a gift. In order to accrue priority points, you must also purchase men’s basketball season tickets.

I shared a season ticket account with another season ticket member and paid him/her the annual per-seat donation and cost of the ticket each year. Will I receive priority points?

The account holder who purchased the season tickets from the Marquette Athletic Ticket Office receives all of the Priority Points for the years of tickets purchased and all of the Priority Points for all the respective Blue and Gold Fund per-seat gifts. All donors and season ticket members are encouraged to establish their own accounts.

Will there be tours of the WESC prior to the 2018-19 basketball season?

We are unable to provide access to the arena prior to seat selection. Our goal is to provide an event this Fall exclusive for Marquette season ticket members. Please check back regularly for more information.

Will there be a sales preview center that will allow fans to review seating options?

For phase 3 reseating, we will follow a similar process as in previous years. We will set a location where season ticket members can come in mid-July and go through the reseating process. They also will be able to do it online through our 3D seat map. More details to come in June on a specific location, dates and times.

Can existing season ticket members transfer their seats for the 2018-19 season?

Points and season ticket accounts may not be transferred from one person to another or from one account to another. Also, the transfer of points or tickets by virtue of a will, trust or other estate-planning document is not allowed. In the event of the death of a season ticket member, the surviving spouse retains the season ticket account. If both spouses are deceased the ticket account is not renewable for the subsequent reseating. For this reason, only transfers to designated spouses are permitted. Please call the Blue and Gold Fund office at 414.288.6525 if you have questions.

How can I purchase single game tickets?

Season ticket members will have the opportunity to purchase additional single game tickets before they go on sale to the general public shortly after the 2018-19 game schedule is released. On sale dates will be communicated at a later time. Season ticket members can purchase tickets online through their My Marquette Account, in person at the Marquette Ticket Office, or over the phone at 414.288.GOMU. Non-season ticket members can purchase tickets online through Ticketmaster.com, in person at the Marquette Ticket Office, or over the phone at 414.288.GOMU.

How can I purchase group tickets?

Discounted tickets are available for groups of 15 or more. To find out more information or to place an order, please contact Kylie Smithback at kylie.smithback@marquette.edu or 414.288.4852.

How does my company become a sponsor of Marquette Athletics and have our organization activate and/or be displayed during Marquette Games at the WESC?

To learn more or to become involved today click HERE.

Questions and Answers Regarding Tax Reform and Athletic Seating Donations

Will my annual fund priority seating contribution be tax deductible in 2018 and beyond?

Due to new federal tax law, starting January 1, 2018 contributions tied to priority seating to men’s basketball will no longer be tax deductible. The Blue and Gold Fund will issue an acknowledgement of the donation, however, since it is applied to your seating location it is non-deductible due to the change in tax law. We advise you to consult with your tax advisor.

Will contributions to Marquette Athletics that are not associated with priority seating be tax deductible?

All donations not tied to seating will continue to be 100% tax deductible (the deduction will be 80% if you receive any sort of benefit). This includes donations for endowments, facility projects and sport-specific giving. Marquette University Advancement will issue you a receipt for your donation.

How will the new tax law impact the Marquette Athletics Priority Point System?

As of Jan. 1, 2018, donations to the Blue and Gold Fund or to any other university fund that result in priority points are no longer tax deductible. Season ticket members who wish to deduct donations to the university may forgo priority points. If you elect not to receive points, your gifts may be fully deductible. You must submit in writing that you choose to decline priority points for your donation. (Note: This will not impact any points you have accrued through Dec. 31, 2017.) Priority Points for Donor Rank will be calculated as in past years based on deadlines throughout 2018. Donor Rank will be used for all benefits. Other benefits include single, away and post-season ticket requests, special events and more. Please visit the Blue and Gold Fund website for more information at http://www.gomarquette.com/bluegold-fund/bgf-priority-point-system.html.

How will donors purchase season parking for Men’s Basketball?

Parking options are still being determined for 2018-19. Please check back regularly for updates.

Will I be able to run my priority seating contributions through my business and deduct it as a business expense?

Generally, donations tied to seat location are no longer tax deductible. We advise you to consult with your tax advisor.

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The Arena

The Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center will be much more than just the new home for the Milwaukee Bucks and Marquette basketball. Designed to reflect the heritage, history and personality of Milwaukee while actively projecting progress, accessibility and a renewed sense of community, the state of the art, 714,000 square foot arena will be the hub of entertainment in Wisconsin and the engine that drives growth in downtown Milwaukee.

The Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center is being built to redefine world class fan experience and highlight the communal nature of attending live entertainment.